Adult Appointments

  • Complimentary Consultations for Implants or Smile Assessment including Invisalign
  • New Patient Consultation
  • £66* including all x-rays, photos and printed treatment plan with follow up phone call if needed
  • £39 Healthy Mouth Review (dental examination for registered patients)
  • £99 Pain Relief and Action Plan appointment * open to non registered patients
  • (Dental Emergency requiring advice or temporary treatment, or an appointment for a second opinion from one of our experienced dentists)

Little McInerney (Children)

  • Under 5′s FREE

    £20 Age 5-18

Teeth Whitening

  • £400 McInerney At home whitening
  • £250 One hour whitening for top ups or to follow home whitening (1 hr whitening)

Fillings Guide

  • £95 Type 1
  • £145 Type 2
  • £220 Type 3
  • £290 Type 4
  • We are proud of the quality of filling materials we use: not all fillings on the market look, feel or perform the same. When choosing a material to place into your teeth, often for many years to come, it is important that your dentist uses the highest quality material. When having a filling with us you have complete peace of mind that the material used will be the very best.

Root Canal Fillings

  • £499 Incisor or canine
  • £599 Premolar
  • £699 Molar

Hygiene Therapy

  • £48.50 Learning to Care
  • Young child’s hygienist visit to develop an interest and understanding of dental health and the manual skills required for independent personal care. Includes gentle introduction to polishing and removal of stubborn stain and deposits, plus a personal gift from the Tooth Fairy.
  • £48.50 Express Scale and Polish
  • Appointment to provide cleaning advice and polish teeth, not recommended for “average” amounts of staining which require our Clean Living appointments
  • £65 Classic Scale and Polish
  • The Average Adult’s 6 or 3 monthly maintenance visit (clean and polish, ultrasonic cleaning available, cleaning advice)
  • £130 Non-surgical Periodontal Therapy
  • Extended appointment deep cleaning for deeper gum pockets, polish, cleaning advice

Periodontal Treatment

  • Dr Brett Lefkowitz BDS MSc (Dent) (Witz) GDC number 69167
  • Associate Dentist, Clinical Lead for Periodontics at VIDA Interests: Periodontics (gum disease), Prosthodontics (rebuilding teeth), Oral surgery, anxious patients
  • Brett is our dentist with a particular interest in gum problems and how to keep gums healthy and heads up our experienced Gum Health team.
  • Brett qualified as a dentist in 1988 and has an impressive career as both a surgeon and a general dentist. His surgical skills are extensive and he worked as a Registrar in maxillofacial and Oral Surgery before taking the decision to devote his time to helping patients in general practice. His passion for surgery has helped him with management of challenging gum problems and also extensive tooth loss, as Brett is vastly experienced in replacing dentures with implants, or alternatively placing only a few implants to help stabilise troublesome full arch dentures. Brett is also an advocate of socket preservation, a technique which helps patients maintain one and shape in areas where they are having tooth extractions. There isn’t much Brett hasn’t studied in great depth, but what is most striking about Brett is his primary focus is always the patient, what they want or need, and how his skills can be used to help them achieve it.
  • For particularly nervous patients, Brett’s gentleness and vast experience prove a winning combination and many patients find their confidence in visiting the dentist returns once they’ve met him.
  • We are particularly excited to be working with Brett to increase our provision for dementia patients or those with associated concerns both at homes and in care centres.
  • Qualifications
  • Brett is currently enrolled on the Periodontics Masterclass and is a speaker at the dentist and patient education events held at McInerney Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry.
  • Previously Brett was MD at Megagen Dental Implants UK and Training Programme and managed three implant clinics for the prestigious Portman Dentalcare. He has worked at prestigious practices around the UK including several years working at the private practice of the UK’s leading expert in tooth whitening, Dr. Linda Greenwall.
  • Brett combines incredible clinical experience and technical skills with a clear view of why a McInerney dentist comes to work; to help patients solve their problems but still retain a natural quality to their appearance and quality of life.